May 6, 2017

Purchase Order Financing

Unlike Invoice Financing which accelerates the cash from your invoices, PO funding or purchase order financing gives you the ability to have goods available for your clients from your sources before an invoice is generated. With many businesses cash flow problems exist. There will be times where there is simply not enough money available to cover the costs of doing business.

As a result, there may be an order from a client that isn’t able to be fulfilled due to a lack of cash. A company may not be able to afford the supplies necessary to meet the client’s particular needs.

Having to turn the order down would obviously mean a loss of revenue and perhaps even a tarnished reputation.

Loan Star Lending Group's Purchase Order Financing is a funding option for businesses that need cash to fill single or multiple customer orders. If you are a product importer, jobber, reseller or distributor, and need capital to deliver a large purchase order, then purchase order funding can be a solution to fuel your business, deliver your orders, and grow your business.


Key Features and Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

»  We provide fast approval within 5 working days upon completion of required documentation

»  Accept new business, even without sufficient working capital

»  Take on an exceptionally large order that you would normally be unable to accept

»  Avoid applying for an expensive traditional bank loan

»  Make a profit and grow your business even when money is tight

»  Build a reputation with your customers as a company who can deliver what they need

»  Create customer retention and repeat business

Terms & Conditions Apply
*Upon receipt of complete documentation

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