May 4, 2017

Short Term Working Capital Loan

Loan Star Lending Group provides short term SME loan for businesses in all sectors. Working capital is the amount of liquid assets that a company has on hand. It is the funding that keeps a business running from day to day and it varies according to workload, staffing requirements, and other business factors. A lack of working capital makes it hard to attract investors.

This kind of working capital loan is often based on the company’s accounts receivable and can be easily adjusted as necessities change.

SME Loan Solutions That Work For You

Short term working capital solutions include asset-based lending, accounts receivable financing, factoring, and more. Because our working capital solutions are based on your financial health and accounts receivable, we can increase your funding or lower it down as necessary to match what you need.

We work with businesses across the wide range of industries, including staffing, manufacturing, transportation, services and much more. We will work with you to understand the unique challenges facing your company, determining your working capital needs and making a lending design that can grow alongside with you.

Flexible To Meet Your Changing Needs

When you choose Loan Star Lending Group, you will receive a short term SME loan that is in line with your working capital needs. You can select flexible accounts receivable financing where each invoice you receive is funded individually, qualify for our asset-based lending program or select invoice factoring.

Loan Star Lending Group can create a solution that fits your business demands and your business structure.

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